Installation, Repair And Wiring For Electrical Outlets And Electrical Circuits For London Homes.

We can add an electrical outlet or new circuit wiring in your home for added convenience and safety. 
We can also fix any outlet or circuit wiring problems.

Electronic equipment and electrical devices in your home makes life more entertaining, convenient and comfortable.
Your home may need additional electric outlets or circuits to get power where you need it. 
Electrical extension cords are not intended for continuous use and can be dangerous. 
We can add electric outlets to power all your games, audio equipment, video gear, outdoor needs or safely 
add appliance circuits for stoves, water heaters, dryers and more.

London area electric circuit and outlet wiring, repair and installation
New circuit wiring
Appliance outlets and circuits
Wall, floor, recessed and specialty outlets
Outdoor outlets
Troubleshoot problem outlets and circuits
Electrical panel repairs and upgrades
All electrical repairs, all makes and models